SKF Bearing signed a contract with Rolls-Royce

SKF Bearing signed a contract of over 1 billion Swedish krona with Rolls-Royce in Goteborg in June 21, 2016, providing mainshaft bearing for Rolls-Royce's newly-developed turbine motor.
SKF's bearing will be served as part of Rolls-Royce's various engine, including Trent XWB (TXWB) gas turbine engine, which is the sixth generation product in Trent Series, specially designed for A350 XWB of AirBus.

SKF aerospace director Rutger Barrdahl said, "We will not only offer long-term service but also timely production supply for Rolls-Royce, and new production development will be carried through to meet the demands of our customer."

Now SKF is gradually preparing for Rolls-Royce's new engine project, and expects to comprehensively supply mainshaft bearing for it in 2018.

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